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Julkaistu August 6th, 2013 | Kirjoittanut
Uus Jussi

You are welcome to read about Culture from Karhuseutu -project!
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Multicultural Association of Satakunta is realizing a radio program series called Culture from Karhuseutu during 5.8.-31.1.2013. Karhuseutu is the name of areas of Harjavalta, Kokemäki, Luvia, Nakkila, Pori and Ulvila. The program series covers topics like cultural history, activities and life of Karhuseutu. The programs will be conducted both in English and in Finnish. An article series is also edited about the covered destinations, also in English and in Finnish. The articles can be found in this site.

The objectives of the project are:

  1. To increase knowledge of the cultural history, sights, activities and local history museums of Karhuseutu.
  2. To integrate and to commit immigrants to Finnish society and Karhuseutu.
  3. To challenge the operators of Karhuseutu region to bring forward their own cultural history, sights, activities and museums more accessible to immigrants.
  4. To offer a channel to Karhuseutu region and to the operators of Karhuseutu where they can showcase their cultural history, sights, activities and museums.

Click here to read the articles and to listen the programs.

Contact us:
Aki-Petri Heino
project coordinator
044 949 0155


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