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Uus Jussi

What is Radio UusJussi?


Radio UusJussi is an online radio station of the Multicultural Association of Satakunta, with the objective of creating a channel for voicing opinions and expressing cultural diversity.

The Radio will help facilitate the integration of the first generation immigrants into Finnish society through its programmes.

The programmes are conducted by both Finns and members with immigrant background. Topics varie from immigration, culture, children Issues , human rights, to news and entertainment.



  • Radio UusJussi is a medium of communication where immigrants and Finns can have conversations on issues of mutual interest.
  • Keeping in touch with people of similar backgrounds, listen to one’s own native language and to maintain cultural ties especially the children.
  • Teach immigrants the Finnish language on its basic form.
  • Highlight the contribution of immigrants in Finnish society.


SOLID funds (1.2013 – 6.2015)

The objectives of the Fund are:

  • to facilitate integration process and to promote the participation of third-country nationals
  • to develop the organisation and implementation of introduction programmes and activities
  • to strengthen the capacities of service providers and citizens in Member States to communicate with third-country nationals
  • to increase the capacity of Member States to develop and evaluate integration policies.

Read more about the European Fund for the Integration of Third-country Nationals.


Finnish Cultural Foundation (at the moment)
Art and science
The Finnish Cultural Foundation is a private trust dedicated to promoting art, science, and other fields of intellectual and cultural endeavor in Finland. The Foundation provides grants from a central fund and 17 regional funds.

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The Multicultural Association of Satakunta – SMY

SMY’s goal is to increase internationality and the interaction of different cultures. SMY attempts to help the immigrants with integration into Finnish society.

Read more about the Multicultural Association of Satakunta – SMY.

Useful links

We have compiled a collection of useful links considering multicultural and immigrant issues.